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A popular feature of both period and modern properties, it can be a challenge to restore a cornice that’s been there for many years. Especially one that’s been painted over on numerous occasions.

However, a decorative cornice brings character and charm to a room. Even a simple cornice is an attractive feature that provides the finishing touch to an interior design. Therefore, it’s worth the effort to bring neglected or damaged cornices back to life.

Styles of cornicing

Cornices come in all styles from grand and elaborate to plain and simple.

Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses would often include plasterwork cornices in all the main rooms. Highly ornate cornices would depict fruit, flowers, rosettes, heraldic or scroll designs in plaster.

The pattern of the cornice would sometimes be repeated in different parts of the room such as in the detail of the door frame, or on skirting boards, to harmonise the design. After a while, the fashion for very elaborate designs was replaced by the geometrical lines of the art deco period.

Today’s cornices tend to be simpler with cleaner, sharper lines and a more minimalist feel. Some still hark back to the art deco style with a repetition of sleek, angular shapes that provide a classic yet contemporary design.

Cornice wear and tear

The problem with highly embellished cornices is that prominent features of the design can break off – either through accidental damage or general wear and tear. It can be difficult to preserve the original architectural structure.

In many properties, bomb damage suffered during the war caused cracks, chips and flaking or much worse to decorative cornices. In some cases, extensive sections of the cornice were lost.

However, paint is usually the culprit when it comes to obscuring cornices with intricate and precise details. Over the years, the original design can become indistinct thanks to successive coats of paint.

Restoring cornice paintwork

At Creative Living Decor, we use a product called ‘peel away’ paint stripper, which removes old layers of paint. With hard work and a delicate touch, we can transform your cornice back to its original splendour.

We’ve just finished refurbishing a Victorian cornice that’s over 100 years old. And it’s probably had nearly 100 coats of paint during that time. But we were able to remove the ancient paintwork and start afresh to give the cornice a new lease of life.

Replacing damaged sections of cornice

We also work with a company that can match any cornice. This enables us to patch in new pieces or sections where the damage is too great to be repaired, or when a bit has been lost.

Cornice restoration is a valuable skill that allows us to help our customers regain the original features of their decor. We also save them the expense of having to rip out and replace existing cornices.

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