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Is your paintwork looking old and tired? Do you have surfaces that are in need of more than just a recoat of paint?

In many cases, the problem is that your paint is not sticking to the surface. When it comes to varnish, plastic, glass or melamine, normal primers and undercoats won't adhere properly and paint scrapes off easily when knocked.

You’ve probably been frustrated in the past when your newly painted surface either flakes of its own accord or is easily damaged by a simple scratch.

Refresh your look with a specialist primer

At Creative Living Decor, we use a specific primer that sticks to any surface. It’s a shellac-based primer, sealer and stain blocker that is perfect for a range of interior surfaces.

By using a product called Zinsser B-I-N primer, glossy surfaces including glass can be coated without the need for sanding. You can then go on to freshly paint them with an undercoat and top coat. And because the high adhesion shellac formula seals porous surfaces, you can use it on any wood, even to seal bleeding knots or sap streaks.

Covering up persistent stains

The beauty of Zinsser B-I-N is that it can be used to stop stains such as those made my water leaks from showing. If you simply paint over these stains, it will only be a matter of time before the mark starts to show through again.

This specialist primer can cover nicotine, oil, fungal and marker pen stains and prevent them from reappearing through the paint. It can also be used to permanently block odours from nicotine, smoke or fire damage.

And because when it’s dried the film is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, it can even be applied in areas where it will come into contact with food.

Update your kitchen doors

It’s not just varnished surfaces that will be rejuvenated by specialist primer treatment. You could give your whole kitchen a makeover at a fraction of the cost of installing new cupboards.

If you have kitchen unit doors of melamine that have begun to look dated, you can easily update them. Once the primer is in place, you can choose a completely new colour scheme for your kitchen. The old melamine doors will be unrecognisable once you’ve painted them – making your whole kitchen look brand new. 

Revamp your interior woodwork

Take a look at your interior woodwork. Is it in need of some tender loving care?

By using a specialist primer, you can transform surfaces that have previously been varnished. This includes staircase spindles, handrails and any other varnished areas or furniture.

Perhaps your wardrobe doors need brightening up? Even if they are covered by a melamine surface, you can still paint them whatever colour you choose once they’ve had a coating of specialist primer.

An inexpensive makeover for your home

An application of specialist primer on interior ceilings, walls, doors and other paintable surfaces will give you the base you need to renovate your paintwork.

This is a simple and inexpensive way to give your home a complete makeover – banishing old and dated paintwork and surfaces and replacing them with a fresh, contemporary look.

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