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colour trends for paint and wallcovering

Out with the old and in with the new. Last year we saw some bold colours trending, this year the approach is a little more subtle.

Softer, earthier tones are coming to the fore, and the most popular of these is green.

Spring into action with shades of green

Reflecting nature, green colour trends encompass a number of different shades. The result is a calming, tranquil environment – suggesting you’re making your home a peaceful place in a turbulent world.

Greens in pale and uplifting tones can merge into darker, more velvety forest shades. Grey-greens are perfect if you want to produce a natural looking landscape. Or brighter, leafy greens can be used to create that feeling of spring growth.

Green is known to have a restorative quality that promotes contemplation and deep thought. Used in the home, it can be layered in tonal shades to bring a hazy, sun-drenched feel to a room.

You can also soften green into light, dusky shades that work well with this year’s other colour trend – neutrals.

Choose calming neutral tones

Once popular, pale greys are now giving way to warm brown tones. As with greens, the emphasis is on nature and earthiness. Think soft clay rather than beige.

While the colour mushroom might make you think of the 70s, it’s making a comeback. This underrated shade looks fresh thanks to the current appreciation for more earthy colours. It makes the perfect backdrop for furnishings made from natural materials.

Terracotta and caramel can also bring a calm, understated look to a room. These brown tones can be layered for a sophisticated design or harmonised with subdued shades of green for a natural, outdoor feel.

The advantage of a neutral colour scheme is that it’s both relaxing and uplifting.

Make a statement with a feature wall

If you’re finding all these muted tones too dull for your taste, then think about including a feature wall in your design.

Perennially popular, feature walls can use a shade that subtly contrasts with the surrounding walls – or contain full-on splashes of colour or patterns that are designed to stand out.

However, if your feature wall is too dark, it can end up overpowering the room. Instead, try a wallpaper that overlays the colour with a pattern to lighten it up. Patterned wallpaper is perfect for a feature wall and is a great way to introduce new shapes into your design.

Liven things up with metallic wallpaper

If you want to keep the room light with soft shades but long for something a little more glamorous than earthy neutrals – how about shimmery wallpaper?

If you’re looking for something that’s light but also bright, metallic wallpapers give you the best of both worlds. You can opt for a subtle shimmer in a soft muted shade of pink or choose a more futuristic metallic look.

Patterned metallic wallpaper is an ideal way to create an eye-catching feature wall. It could incorporate a geometric shimmer overlay design or alternatively, a matt pattern on a shiny background.

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