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Wallcoverings and Digital Murals

With so many styles, materials and textures to choose from, you can make bold or subtle statements with wallcoverings.

And thanks to the latest technology you can also print your own personal wallpaper with digital murals.

The world of wallcoverings has a lot of offer. Let’s take a look.

Practical benefits of wallcoverings

From a practical point of view, there are several advantages to choosing wallcoverings.

If you have walls that are in poor condition, wallcoverings can be used to disguise the imperfections. Textured wallpapers are ideal for this.

Plus, minimal surface preparation is required, saving time. Wallpaper can be put up immediately and is instantly functional, unlike the drying time needed with paint.

The latest wallcoverings have been designed to be highly durable, and they retain their appearance over a long period of time. It’s also a simple task to strip off and replace wall coverings, so you can change styles as often as you like.

Define your space

Before you select your wallcovering, think about what you’re trying to achieve in your chosen room.

Do you want the room to appear more spacious? In which case, off-whites and pale shades of blue or green will make the room seem open and airy. Alternatively, introducing a darker shade can make a room seem cosier.

Stripes and print patterns on wallpaper can create optical illusions giving different dimensions to long rooms or adding proportion if you have a low ceiling.

If there’s a feature in a room that you want to highlight, you can use your wallcovering as a frame to draw the eye to that area. For example, if the fireplace is the showpiece, surround it with a distinct patterned wallpaper.

Choose your style

If you have a room with no architectural features, you can use wallpaper to make a statement. A wallpaper pattern can be used to create a panelled effect leading to a high ceiling.

Or if you want something bold, how about a feature wall? It may be too overpowering to have geometric shapes or animal print all the way around a room. But on just one wall, it makes an eye-catching display.

You can also use wallcoverings to create a design theme that runs throughout the house. It could be a motif, coordinated patterns or a border that’s repeated in different rooms.

Make it personal with a digital mural

The latest technology has made it possible to personalise your décor with full colour pictures and graphics.

All you need to do is choose your image and work out the dimensions. You can then transform a room with a digitally printed wallpaper mural. The mural is a single image spread across several strips of wallpaper. The result is like looking at a picture rather than a series of patterns.

Digital murals can be used in homes or the workplace. They’ve been used to great effect in offices, with one whole wall displaying a corporate image. The impact is stunning while the wallcovering is durable and washable.

Would you like to find out more about stunning wallcoverings and digital murals?

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