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Increase productivity with office redesign

Is your office a bright and vibrant place to be or is it dull and grey?

You may not think that workplace décor matters, but according to workplace studies, a well-designed office can increase overall productivity by about 20%. 

Therefore, it makes sense to create an environment that’s smart, professional and above all, stimulating.

Create a sense of personality

By using different colours and textures, you can bring a stronger sense of visual identity to your workplace. As a result, your offices become more attractive to staff as well as visitors.

In a recent study*, 67% of employers said they redesigned their office spaces in 2016 to make them more attractive to new workers. 2 A fresh working environment will also help to keep your existing employees engaged and motivated.

A sense of personality should be evident throughout your office décor, whether it’s the repetitive use of a particular brand colour or by the inclusion of signature patterns or logos.

Try spray painting for a different effect

Rather than using the traditional brush and roller, spray painting gives a sleeker and smarter finish that’s perfect for workspaces.

New colours and styles can be introduced by spray painting walls and other surfaces. For instance, you can produce a high-quality finish on woods, plastics, metals and other materials.

Spray painting is perfect for modern office interiors as it brings a stunning contemporary feel to walls, cabinets, furniture and even ornaments.

Use your corporate branding to decorate your walls

A strong brand image makes your company easily recognisable and gives your employees a sense of alignment with the business.

The latest paint and print technologies make it easy to include images of your logo or company name on different surfaces and materials. Your corporate identity is brought to life by the repetitive use of your image on walls, glass and furniture.

The process is simple, and it reinforces your professional image throughout your offices.

Make it personal with a digital mural

As well as including your company logo in your design scheme, you could also make a bold statement with a digital mural. A mural is a single image spread across several strips of wallpaper.

To create a digital mural, all you need to do is to choose your image and work out the dimensions. We can then transform your office space with a digitally printed wallpaper mural.

As a result, you have a whole wall dedicated to one image. And the latest technology means you can personalise your digital mural with full-colour pictures and graphics. Or just display one huge corporate image.

Digital murals are ideal for modern offices as they make a big statement. At the same time, the wallcovering is highly durable and even washable.

Would you like to find out more about transforming your workplace?

Refreshing the décor of your offices can help to improve morale in the workplace and increase employee productivity.

Our painting and decorating team has years of experience working with businesses to create a look that’s right for them. We can provide guidance and advice on choosing the right paint finish, wallcovering or digital mural for you.

Call us on 07899 777215 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Global findings report for the 2016 Global Talent Management and Rewards and Global Workforce Studies

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