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If you feel your house is looking a little dull, a fresh coat of paint can bring it to life. Colour plays a vital role in boosting our mood, and there are various ways you can use it to add charm and character to your home.

Create a cosy cocoon

A neutral colour palette can create a soothing space with a blend of white, beige and stone. If you want to bring in a subtle thread of colour, try a pale pink or soft green to blend in with the neutral tones.

Green reflects nature, and any shade will bring freshness to a room. If you prefer something a little bolder but still natural, try a forest green or terracotta accent.

Forest green or burnt orange cushions or prints will give vibrancy to the neutral colour scheme and warmth to the design. The beauty of adding accents with paintings and soft furnishings is that you can easily swap them for other colours while the background neutral colour scheme remains the same.

Indulge your passion for patterns

If you love colours and patterns, then a neutral colour scheme provides the perfect backdrop.

Eye-catching throws and oversized cushions will stand out against white or beige walls. These can be combined with colourful lampshades and architecturally shaped vases and other ornaments.

If you love dramatic colour, introduce jewel shades such as amethyst, emerald and citrine. If you’re worried about clashing colours, use a colour wheel to see which shades will work in harmony. You can combine three or four strong colours if they complement each other.

Alternatively, you could try harmonising turquoise and marine shades of blues and greens to create a coastal inspired theme.

Match or contrast shelving

Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling shelves can act as a feature wall. The shelves can be painted the same shade as the walls to blend in. Then the ornaments or books displayed on the shelves will stand out.

You could choose to paint the shelves in a distinct different colour, so they draw the eye and become the heart of the room. You can decorate the shelves with special ornaments and photographs.

Try new paint effects

Paint effects can be used to bring character and personality to a room.

An ombre-effect wash of graduated colour is popular. Or instead of a traditional brush and roller finish, you can create sleek effects with spray paint.

Spray paint gives a high-quality finish to a range of surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal and other materials. You can use it on cupboards and furniture as well as walls. Spray painting is a great way to give kitchen cabinets or old furniture a new lease of life.

For something a little different, Strié is the French word for streaking, a paint technique that uses horizontal or vertical lines to produce a look reminiscent of textiles. It’s a great way to bring dimension and charm to your décor.

Our painting and decorating services can bring character and charm to your home

Our painting and decorating team has years of experience and can help to create a fresh new environment that’s perfect for you. We can provide guidance and advice on choosing the right paint finish, wallcovering, or digital mural for your home.

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