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painting and decorating perfection

How we achieve the perfect finish


We’re often asked at Creative Living Decor how we achieve such a perfect finish.

The answer is that we work meticulously to create a seamless surface at every stage of the process, from carrying out extensive preparatory work to employing skilled craftsmanship and using quality products.

The end result is a surface that’s smooth, even and stunning to look at.

Prepare for perfection

On entering your property, we protect all the areas where we’re working with correx and plastic.

We use dustless sanders to rub down and remove brush and roller marks on ceilings, walls and woodwork left from previous decoration.

After all areas have been primed, we’ll check if any filling is required. Further rubbing down is then carried out using higher grade sandpaper such as 240 - 400 grit papers so as to give surfaces a smooth finish.

To remove any remaining dust particles, we also hoover walls before applying a final coat and woodwork is wiped over with an Axus tack cloth.


We only use quality products

Using the right paintbrush for the type of job makes a big difference to the finish and quality of paintwork.

Synthetic fibre brushes can create a better finish than natural fibre brushes when using water-based gloss as they absorb less water than natural bristles, which are more porous. However, natural brush bristles are better when applying oil-based paints.

We only use high-quality brushes such as Hamilton, Picasso, Wooster and Purdy. We find Purdy brushes and Hamilton medium pile perfection rollers give a smooth, spray-like finish to walls and ceilings.

Only the best and most suitable paint products are used. This includes the option of spray painting.


Advantages of spray painting

A paint sprayer is often faster than a brush and roller as it releases small particles of paint. On challenging surfaces, it can offer an even coverage that avoids brush marks.

Because the spray paint reaches into difficult crevices, you can experiment with styles that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with a brush and roller. In some circumstances, spray painting can give a more precise finish and colour control – resulting in a sharp, defined look.


Dedicated to delivering excellence

The Creative Living Decor team is dedicated to delivering a perfect finish to all our customers. The experience of our skilled craftsman is reflected in the feedback we receive from our clients.

“The team were fitting a new insulated ceiling into a bedroom. They worked efficiently and got the work done early. The flat was immaculate when I returned, and the painting of the room was perfect. I could not rate this team more. A fantastic job.”  Laura Nissen.

“I would highly recommend Creative Living Decor. They are professional and painting done to high standard.” Caroline Clerkin.

“This is a GREAT decorator we met and worked with recently: Creative Living. They repaired and decorated an ornate ceiling at a high-end property in St John’s Wood after some construction damage. They’ve been a joy to work with and the results were outstanding. Kevin and team are exceptional - professional, clean and tidy, responsive, eager to please.” Sue Reeve.

Let us transform your home with the perfect finish

Our painting and decorating team has years of experience and can help to create a fresh new environment that’s perfect for you. We can provide guidance and advice on choosing the right paint finish, wallcovering or digital mural for your home.

Call us on 07899 777215 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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