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Painting colour inspiration

This year, our homes have been filled with colours to lift the spirits and bring good cheer.

Nature and the outdoors have inspired our colour choices, and 2021 colour schemes have incorporated sunshine yellows, sky blues and landscape greens.

Sunshine yellows

Lemons, golds and primrose shades – there has been an array of yellow sunshine on our walls. Yellow symbolises warmth, energy and positivity – unsurprisingly, it’s been a popular choice in a troubled year.

When it comes to yellow colour schemes, how much and how bright is definitely down to personal taste. For some, it should be used sparingly with bright yellow accents here and there.

For others, there’s no such thing as too much yellow. Pale yellow on walls with bold golden accents on cushions and drapes can conjure up images of warm summer holidays.

Whatever your views on yellow, a little or a lot, it can certainly brighten up your day.

Blue skies

Blue is a calming colour that can recreate the feeling of open spaces and clear skies.

Vivid sky blues and bright cobalt inspires visions of the outdoors and holidays. Marine shades can be used in harmony with greens to create an ocean feel and natural world beauty.

If you want a colour scheme that brings serenity and wellbeing to a room, then take a look at a range of colour charts and pick out the blues that appeal to you the most and experiment with harmonising.

Green landscapes

Green is always a popular colour and never more so than this year, when the trend is all about nature and tranquillity. Many people have chosen green shades for their home working environment to make it feel less corporate and more homely.

Green is such a versatile colour with shades of sage, emerald and olive. It’s perfect for complimenting textures and brings out the character of wooden flooring or beams. Sage green can be paired with burnt orange to give an autumnal vibe.

Comforting earth

Dulux's Colour of the Year 2021 is called Brave Ground, a neutral shade that’s designed to make us feel grounded. Earthy browns, clays and neutral walls produce a comforting background to build upon.

This soft earth tone of Brave Ground can be brought to life with rich greens and dark oranges. Its simple neutrality lets you create your own design as it harmonises well with many different colours.

Shades of autumn

As we move into the last months of the year, the rich colours of autumn can add spice to an interior design.

Saffron yellows, emerald greens and deep mulberry tones recreate the autumn woodland floor. Rich plum tones are perfect for giving a luxurious touch to a neutral background.

Plum and mulberry hues are more understated than vivid reds but offer the warmth of a winter fire. By offsetting with whites and creams, you bring out the vibrancy of a rich claret colour and avoid making an interior look too dark.

We can transform your home with the latest colour scheme trends

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