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Colour Scheme Trends 2021 - London Decorator

After a tumultuous year, it’s not surprising that colour trends for 2021 reflect positivity, combined with calmness.

The emphasis is on feeling uplifted but not overwhelmed. Perhaps because everyone has had enough of computer screens, the mood has shifted away from high tech bold schemes to more soothing colour combinations that reflect nature.

Office Re-design

Is your office a bright and vibrant place to be or is it dull and grey?

You may not think that workplace décor matters, but according to workplace studies, a well-designed office can increase overall productivity by about 20%. 

Therefore, it makes sense to create an environment that’s smart, professional and above all, stimulating.

Dustless Sanding for Perfect Finish Walls

Sanding is an essential element in preparation for any paint or renovation project as it ensures a smooth, even surface.

However, it can be messy if you don’t have the right tools. At Creative Living Decor, we take the dust and hassle out of this task. By using professional equipment, we extract the dust that’s generated as we sand.

Wallcoverings and Digital Murals

With so many styles, materials and textures to choose from, you can make bold or subtle statements with wallcoverings.

And thanks to the latest technology you can also print your own personal wallpaper with digital murals.

The world of wallcoverings has a lot of offer. Let’s take a look.

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